BUSINESS UPDATE: Beginning in January 2022, we will be closed on Wednesdays. Our hours of operation for the rest of the week remains unchanged. We are now open for dine-in service. For delivery orders please utilize 3rd party food delivery services.

Chef Liao


Do you deliver?

We sure do! However there are some rules:

  • Must be a $25 minimum purchase (No 100 dollar bills please!)
  • Delivery headed North: Farthest 90th
  • Delivery headed North West: Farthest 32nd
  • Delivery headed South: Farthest 36th
  • We do not go over or to Aurora Avenue

Can we make orders from Grub Hub?

No. We are not associated with any other company besides Chef Liao. If you would like to order food please contact our restaurant at (206) 789-6441.

Can we pay in debit for deliveries?

Yes you can! During the transaction over the phone we will ask for your card number and expiration date. (We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover)

Do you offer any Gluten Free items?

A majority of our dishes we can do gluten free except for ones that are deep fried (Sweet and sour pork, General Taos, etc.) Please ask/let us know if you need your order gluten free.

What's your spice range?

1-5 with five being the hottest (We can do 0!)

Do you do combos?

No, our menu is a la carte (items are seperate)

Do you take reservations?

Yes we do. For parties over 6 please call in advance.

What time does delivery stop?

Delivery stops at 9:00pm

What time are last guest seated?

Seating stops at 9:10pm

Side Note: Please alert us of any allergies or special treatment to food prior to ordering!!